Music News 11.9.16

Martin Shkreli Streams Pieces of Wu-Tang Clan Album Following Trump Victory

In an ironic twist this morning, Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical company CEO who won America’s hate vote the first time earlier this year when he dramatically increased the price of the drug Daraprim and a second time when he bought literally the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million, is offering a silver lining to those who may not be happy about the results of last night’s presidential election. Recently, Shkreli promised to release the album to the public if Donald Trump became President; a notion he’s now claiming he made thinking there wasn’t a real possibility of Trump winning the election. Shkreli took to live streaming parts of the album after the election results were announced (you can check the videos out on our website), but now Shkreli says he’ll have to renegotiate his promise, saying he’ll have to work with Wu-Tang to bring the album to the public.(Pitchfork)


2 Netflix Shows’ Scores Get the Vinyl Treatment

Netflix continues to deliver on the huge fandom behind the soundtracks to some of their original shows with even more vinyl releases. Following the popularity of the 80s-nostaglic Stranger Things, 2 volumes of the score were released. Following the success of those sales, Netlfix has announced a partnership with media merchandise company Mondo vinyl releases for the soundtracks of the first season of Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Like just about anything from Mondo, the packaging for the albums is cool and colorful and both feature original artwork from Matthew Woodson. Both albums are limited to 3,000 pressing a piece, and are available for purchase starting today. (Pitchfork)


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