Music News 2.21.17

Singer David Cassidy Reveals Dementia As Reason for Early Retirement

Former Partridge family singer and actor David Cassidy announced his retirement in early February, citing arthritis and a heavy demand for traveling making it difficult to perform in recent years. Cassidy said he would wrap-up his tour dates and officially retire by year’s end. Then, over the weekend, Cassidy was performing in California when he began to forget the lyrics to his songs and appeared to fall off the stage. A day later David Cassidy was compelled to reveal the true health concern behind his retirement: early on-set dementia, the same disease Cassidy’s mother endured during her late life. With the truth revealed, Cassidy says he wants to enjoy the rest of his life, “I want to focus on what I am, who I am, and how I’ve been, without any distraction.”



Google Introduces A.I. Duet, Your New Piano Partner

Computers can now play the piano, thanks to Google. And not just by music by code, either. Google has created A.I. Duet, and just like the name implies, it’s a computerized partner for tickling the ivories. A.I. Duet is programmed with countless melodies and the ability to keep learning in order to better adapt to your lead. How does it work? Simply play a note, chord, melody, or entire piece, and A.I. Duet will respond a-chord-ingly employing one of the many melodies its been taught. A.I. Duet is the latest in Google’s Project Magenta, tasked with answering the question, “Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music?” You can play around with A.I. Duet yourself here.



-Taylor Wallace

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