Music News 3.22.16

SXSW Hip-hop 4 Flint

The entire country has been swept into the deluge of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, so SXSW Hip-Hop saw an opportunity last week to help. As SXSW Music fizzled out last Saturday, hip-hop, R&B, and spoken-word artists gathered together to put on a family-friendly event to raise money for the the families of Flint. The event hit capacity, exceeded its goal, and raised over $3,000 for new water filters for Flint families affected by the disaster.




Sex Pistols Go Corporate?

A couplet of 17th-century townhomes in England that were used as a recording studio and living quarters for members of The Sex Pistols from 1975-1977 has been given a rare, historical designation by the British Heritage group. The townhouses, featuring everything from 400- year-old architectural details to 40-old political graffiti by Johnny Rotten himself, has been given the 2nd highest rating a building can receive: a Grade II with a little asterisk marking it as being of even more interest and historical significance that a simple Grade II designation. As expected, this designation has not been met with approval by some of the Sex Pistols’ more dedicated fans, who have already begun protesting the designation in honor of the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut single this year.




iPad Responds to Increase in iPad Musicianship

iPad musicians rejoice! You no longer have to let that low battery alert disrupt your creative flow. The Lightning to USB 3 Camera adaptor was introduced at yesterday’s keynote, and is maybe one of the more expected innovations the company has released recently, especially considering the increasing popularity of iPad musicianship. Essentially, the adapter allows musicians to keep their MIDI keyboards, mics, etc. plugged-in while charging the brain of the operation, the iPad, so musicians can stay in the groove. No more crashing on the launchpad when your inspiration peaks.


-Taylor Wallace

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