Music News 3.25.16

Hank Williams Marks and Misses Milestones

The Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light opened today to a very limited release. And though the film hasn’t seen stellar reviews so far, film producer Marc Abraham is the first person to obtain rights to the Hank Williams catalog in 50 years. Abrahams won the distinction from Sony/ATV CEO Troy Tomlinson when it became obvious that the biopic could be to Hank Williams what Ray and Walk the Line were to Ray Charles and Johnny Cash, an opportunity Tomlinson had explicitly been waiting for. And as to who portrays the Country Legend in I Saw the Light: none other than Thor’s brother, Tom Hiddleston.




Van Hagar Amends?

Is Sammy Hagar ready to make amends with Eddie Van Halen? In the most “rock star mentality” sense, yes. Hagar told Rolling Stone that towards the end of last year he had an epiphany that he didn’t want to take any enemies with him to the grave; a notion that he’s taken more seriously since losing heroes like David Bowie and Glenn Frey at the beginning of 2016. In perfect (or maybe) expected rock star fashion, Hagar has officially said that he’s ready to make peace, but will not be the first to reach out.




Snoop: More than Doggs & Lions 

Snoop Dogg fans and nature documentary fans alike, your “Plizzanet Earth” petition has succeeded. Since debuting a handful of segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live parodying the Planet Earth series, fans took to the Internet to petition the segment’s transformation into a full series, and 75,000 signatures later, The Doggfather has announced the creation of “Planet Snoop.” Check out the first episode “Squirrel Vs. Snake.”




Please Turns 30

The debut album of 80’s group Pet Shop Boys turns 30 this week. And there was much rejoicing!

-Taylor Wallace




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