Music News 4.13.17

New Deadly Shrimp Named After Pink Floyd

How many of us harbor a desire to name something? Not for a pet, child, or beloved object, but for an invention or discovery, something ubiquitous and potentially immortal. Well, among those numbers is Dr. Sammy DeGrave, and he’s gotten his wish. Dr. DeGrave is the head of research at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and his discovery of a new species of shrimp has granted him the opportunity to name it after his favorite band. This pistol shrimp, or Synalpheus pinkfloydi, is capable of creating a deadly blast of sound up to 210 decibels simply by clicking its proportionately enormous pink claw, one that’s about half the shrimp’s total body length.



When a Phish Man Named Fishman Lives By the Sea, Local Politics is the Natural Next Step

Phish drummer Jon Fishman is breaking into the political scene in his hometown of Lincolnville, Maine. Fishman, along with his wife Briar and their five children, have lived on a farm in the small, seaside for over a decade. Fishman is one of several candidates vying for the pair of open seats on the Board of Selectmen. Officially, Fishman has only obtained the paperwork and taken care of some preliminary steps to get on the ballot for the local election set to take place this June.


-Taylor Wallace

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