Music News 4.29.16

Levitation Fest Cance”LL”ed– new shows 

Levitation Fest has been cancelled due to potentially dangerous weather conditions posed between extreme flood and extreme lightening. Festival representatives say they are working around the clock to get some of the festival bands in shows at indoor venues in the downtown area. So far, Slowdive, Brain Jonestown Massacre, and Twin Peaks have scheduled a show tonight at Scoot Inn, and Animal Collective is playing tomorrow night at Emo’s. KUTX be keeping a hawk’s eye watch watch-out for more of these shows, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned to KUTX to stay in the loop.



AXL/DC Offers Refunds

A few weeks ago we told you that AC/DC’s Brian Johnson was forced to retire from the band’s current tour as the singer was on the short road to becoming permanently deaf, and that his likely replacement would be Guns ‘n’ Roses’s Axl Rose. Well, now that the rumors have been confirmed, AC/DC is offering refunds for fans who may not be down with AXL/DC. It’s also important for fans to note that while Brian Johnson’s stage days may be over, he will not be replaced in the studio.




Beach Slang Break-up?

Beach Slang may have broken-up last night. According to concertgoers, their show last night in Salt Lake City got a bit tumultuous. Frontman James Alex announced over-the-mic that it was the band’s last show and told the band’s manager multiple times to give everyone their money back. The band had to start a few songs over, with Alex making cheeky remarks to the audience about the band, and it all ended with two members lobbing their guitars and walking off-stage.




-Taylor Wallace

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