Music News 5.12.16

Catch-up on the YACHT Sex Tape Scandal

So what’s up with this YACHT sex tape nightmare? Well, we know they originally said, “this is not a delicious scandal, this is exploitation,” when it did in fact turn out to be a hoax. News site Jezebel (owned by Gawker) revealed that Gawker proper had been approached about the hoax, with the band even detailing how they planned to carry out the charade. The duo admitted to the fake leak yesterday, but it took two statements for them to properly apologize (in the meantime, the PR firm representing them issued a statement saying they had 0 knowledge about the stunt. YACHT’s first statement actually condemned their stunt tape being equated by media sources to “revenge porn,” and said they were trying to do something fun and ironic. It seems the two spent some time researching the extend and damage that can happen when real sex tapes and images are leaked because they finally came back and apologized for what they referred to as a “non-apology,” saying, “There’s no justifying it. We clearly didn’t get it then. We get it now.” You PR people listening can fill-in what happened in the time between those two apologies.




OG Misfits to Reunite

Alright you guys, prepare yourselves. After 33 years, the Misfits are reuniting. For 2 shows. While a drummer has not been confirmed, Glenn Danzig, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, and of course, Jerry Only are confirmed for the it’s-never-gonna-happen reunion this summer. The line-up will come together to perform both carnations of this year’s Riot Fest, the fest and Rodeo in Denver and the fest and Carnival in Chicago. Good luck trying to get onto to get tickets. We’ve been trying for a couple of hours.




Azaelia Banks Follow-up

And a quick follow-up to our Azaelia Banks story from yesterday: After issuing a “non-apology” regarding her racist and homophobic Twitter rant against Zayn Malik and deleting most of her recent Twitter history, her account has been suspended.




-Taylor Wallace

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