Music News 5.17.17

Musicians band Together Around Chelsea Manning with Benefit CD

Former Army Intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning will be released from prison this morning after former President Barrack Obama commuted her 35-year sentence for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks in 2010. During her incarceration, many citizens voiced their support for Manning, musicians included. Many of those musicians have contributed songs to a new benefit compilation called Hugs for Chelsea to help the former analyst get her life back together following her incarceration. Musicians and groups on the album include Thurston Moore, Michael Stipe, Tom Morello, Against Me!, and Talib Kweli. You can stream and purchase the album here.



NYC-based DJ School Under Fire for Fraud

A New York City DJ school is seeing accusations of fraud from fifty-five of its students, reports Thump. Dubspot and its CEO Dan Giove are under fire from students and teachers for allegedly swindling students out of classes they had already paid for and teacher’s out of pay and commission checks. In addition to the fraud, stories have begun circulating about Giove’s volatile and erratic behavior as a businessman, apparently firing a number of execs after they advised against the opening of Dubspot’s LA location due to severely inadequate funds.


On the administrative end of this story, students complained about poor communication, frequently canceled or rescheduled classes, and that even when there would be class, rarely would a teacher show-up because they themselves hadn’t been paid. The school has a flagship location in New York City, an LA branch, and remote courses online. However, both of the physical campuses have reportedly shut down, though no formal announcement of the closures has been made, and the school continues to accept enrollment money online. One student paid $4400 for an Abelton Live Producer course, only to show up to the New York school to find nothing but a few pieces of leftover equipment and a man asking her to leave. While some students have won their cases in court, many are still waiting to hear from Dubspot regarding their refunds.



-Taylor Wallace

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