Music News 5.2.17

Radiohead Reveals Righteous Reissue of Ok Computer

Radiohead pulled another “Radiohead” recently, and by that I mean carrying out enigmatic and sometimes dramatic actions to ignite buzz about something they’ve got coming up. This time Radiohead waded a step farther into the creepy pool with a video of a mostly-empty computer feed with audio of a young girl reading the lyrics to the group’s “Climbing Up the Walls.” Needless to say, it’s a bit unsettling. The group revealed today that the video was, as many fans correctly speculated, a promotion for a reissue of one of Radiohead’s most beloved and influential album’s 1997’s Ok Computer which celebrates its 20th anniversary this June. The reissue, called OKNOTOK, will include three previously unreleased tracks “I Promise,” “Lift,” and “Man of War”, and eight b-sides along with the original studio album, remastered from the original analog tapes. The expanded box set will come outfitted with the triple LP as well as a C90 cassette mix tape made by the band from Ok Computer session archives and demo tapes; a hardcover book packed with artwork, lyrics, and the like; a notebook filled with Thom Yorke’s handwritten notes, and a sketchbook featuring the work of Radiohead’s go-to team of artistic collaborators Donwood and Tchock. Ok Computer became an immediate classic, a hallmark of inspiration, and incredible source of influence when it was released in 1997, capping the decade by ranking #3 on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Albums of the Nineties. OKNOTOK will also be available digitally, as a double CD, and as a triple LP set. Those come out in June while the megaversion will be shipped in July. Preorders are happening now on Radiohead’s website.



Win Butler and Regine Chassagne to Receive High Canadian Honors

Arcade Fire leaders Win Butler and Regine Chassagne are among this year’s pool of influencers to be honored as Companions of Quebec’s Order of Arts and Letters. The Order is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Quebec’s artistic and literary sectors and are selected annually by the Council of the Order. This year’s honorees will be recognized at Montreal’s Phi Centre on May 29th.


-Taylor Wallace

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