Music News 6.10.16

Moby to Conduct Fan-driven Webchat on Monday

Musician and vegan restaurant owner Moby is doing a live web chat via the Guardian Monday June 13th, and they want your questions. The webchat is in support of his memoir Porcelain, which was released last month. The memoir focuses on the ten years leading up to the release of Moby’s groundbreaking album Play in 1999. While the musician still remains active in that vein, he’s recently decided to shift his main focus towards animal activism, hence the inception of his vegan restaurant Little Pine in L.A. where 100% of the profits go to animal welfare organizations. Moby’s live webchat will begin at 4PM CST on Monday, June 13, and you can find a link to ask your own questions on our website. Just click “Soundcheck” in the features section.



UK Vinyl Sales Projected to Be Highest Since 1988

The BPI, that’s the British Phonographic Industry, has determined and declared that the UK is expected to reach vinyl sales on par with the late 80s. Gennaro Castaldo, Director of Communications at BPI, says that vinyl sales have been increasing dramatically since its lowest point in 2007, and that vinyl sales for 2016 are projected to reach its highest point since 1988. Estimating 3.5 million LPs to be sold, it’ll be the first time vinyl sales have tipped 3 million in nearly 3 decades.




-Taylor Wallace

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