Music News 6.8.16

Dana Falconberry and Medicine Bow to do summer National Parks Tour 

Dana Falconberry and her band Medicine Bow are going on tour this summer, but they aren’t hitting the clubs, festivals, or any traditional venues. In celebration of the National Parks Foundation’s centennial, Falconberry and Medicine Bow’s tour will take them across the country’s national parks: everywhere from Pine Springs, Texas, to Sequoia National Park in California to Isle Royale Nation Park in Michigan. The celebration of the Foundation and the National Parks themselves comes from Falconberry’s own passion for nature that dates back to the childhood backpacking trips she took with her family in lieu of more traditional summer vacations. Dana Falconberry and Medicine Bow embark on their outdoor summer tour later this month.




Billboard to Expand Global Market Across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Billboard is extending its global reach in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The move will essentially expand the global reach of any artist or frame of entertainment affiliated with the company, be it the Billboard Hot 100, one of the company’s many podcasts, or general news coverage. Most of the expansion will come in the form of branded merchandising, but, with great visibility comes a great opportunity for Billboard to be recognized as an industry leader to farther corners of the globe.



Descendents to Release First Record in 12 Years

Punk rock band Descendents are releasing their first album in 12 years. In the last half-decade or so, the group has reformed to play several notable shows (including filling-in when DEVO had to cancel at Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2010). Descendents spent three years recording their new album, which frontman Milo Aukerman said was a very positive experience for him because he was able to blow his voice out every time the group got together to record. Descendents have already dropped “Victim of Me,” the album’s first single, but Hypercaffum Spazzinate comes out in full on July 29th.



-Taylor Wallace


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