Music News 6.9.16

Beyonce’s Lemonadei Hits Platinum, Singer Being Sued over Creative Theft

Beyonce is making double headlines this week, for better and potentially for worse (or just for drama’s sake). The singer’s album Lemonade went platinum this week, making it the singer’s sixth out of six albums to sell at least a million copies. Not only has every one of her albums hit platinum, but they’ve also all debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lemonade is only the second album to hit platinum so far this year. In addition, Kentucky news station creative manager and independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks is suing Beyonce, Columbia Recording House, and Sony Entertainment over the allegation that a member of Beyonce’s team had seen his film Palinoia, and took enough elements and aesthetics from it and incorporated it into the trailer for Lemonade– enough to declare the album trailer “substantially similar” to Fulk’s film. Do they have a case? You can take a look at side-by-side screenshots and a copy of the lawsuit papers on our website.




A Hacker Responsible?

It seems the world is getting answers to who’s behind the recent spree of hacked celebrity Twitter accounts. Twitter user @j5zlol has claimed responsibility for hacking the accounts of Tame Impala, Keith Richards, Bon Iver, and George Harrison, among others. The exposure came when the user actually apologized for the content of some of his tweets on George Harrison’s account. Apparently he didn’t realize the Beatles member died in 2001. Of course, as of yet there’s no confirmation that he was behind all of the hacks he’s claiming responsibility for, but in perfect hacker fashion, when asked why he put the energy into the abusive hacks, he said that he initially wanted to raise awareness about Internet security, but also that he, “[has] no friends irl that’s why I hack people lol.”




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