Music News 7.13.17

Loretta Lynn Back Home, Feeling Stronger Everyday, New Album in 2018

After suffering a stroke back in May, singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn is back in her Nashville home, getting stronger every day according to Lynn herself. Her record label released a statement yesterday saying her newest album Wouldn’t It Be Great is will not be released next month as planned, but will come out sometime in 2018 so Loretta Lynn can give the album her full attention.



SoundCloud May Only Have Financial Backing for 50 Days

Is SoundCloud in trouble? Well, more trouble than usual? Let’s take a look.

Last week, SoundCloud laid off 173 staff members worldwide, eliminating 40% of its workforce. At an all-company meeting on Tuesday, the company admitted it had known it would have to make huge layoffs soon, but chose to not disclose that information to any department heads or suggest that the departments should cut back on spending. When asked about the decision of non-disclosure, management simply said it would have shown weakness and caused people to ask questions. You heard right, 173 people abruptly lost their jobs because SoundCloud did not want to appear weak.

Some of those staffers had joined the SoundCloud team as little as two weeks ago and had sold homes, quit jobs, and in some cases relinquished permanent residency rights in their home countries to come work at SoundCloud’s home base in Berlin.

The co-founders also announced that money saved from the layoffs only saved the company enough money to stay afloat until Q4, which begins in 50 days. According to several staffers who attended the meeting on Tuesday, there was a severe lack of morale and even several laughs and snickers when co-founder Eric Wahlfross referred insensitively to the team as a family and by all accounts, the meeting was awful, and many speculate the “good people at SoundCloud,” may jump ship.


-Taylor Wallace

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