Music News 7.20.16

Rockabye Baby! Series Turns 10; Anniversary Compilation to Cover LCD Soundsystem, Miley Cyrus and Others

The popular Rockabye Baby! Series celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The brand releases albums containing lullaby renditions of popular songs by beloved artists, giving parents the ability to break free of twinkling stars and doggies in windows to sing and get a kick out of lullaby covers of their favorite songs for their child. The series has covered over 50 artists in the last ten years; everyone from Adele to Creedence Clearwater Revival to Metallica to Depeche Mode, and while each album typically focuses on a single artist or group, Rockabye Baby! Is celebrating is 10th anniversary with a compilation CD of artists, many of which they’ve never covered before, including Miley Cyrus, OutKast!, and LCD Soundsystem. The album is out October 14.





Jack White, A Bucket List Dream, and Outer Space

Jack White’s Third Man Records released a teaser video for a new project claiming to “make vinyl history.” The video features a smattering of stars in the background with a rotating record labeled with Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn” that the record label put out back in 2009. News source The Vinyl Factory believes it might be leading up to Jack White living out his long-discussed ambition of playing the first vinyl record in outer space. Fan theories lean towards a possible reissue of the Voyager Gold Record, which was sent into space on both Voyager probes in 1977. Either way, the video coincides with today’s 47th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, and with a reveal date of July 30th, fans won’t have to wait too long to find out with Jack White has up his vinyl sleeve.




-Taylor Wallace

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