Music News 7.25.16

Details Unravel from Shooting Outside of Music Festival in Ansbach, Germany

12 people were injured, 3 critically, last night at a music festival in Ansbach, Germany, a small city with a population of just over 40,000. Sources are clear that the 27-year-old Syrian man detonated the bomb after being denied entry to the festival for not having a ticket. Only the bomber was killed, but reports say that his rucksack held enough screws, nails, and other metal splinters to have injured many more festivals goers than the 12 victims. The suicide bomber’s motive for the attack was unknown, but sources have confirmed that he had been denied asylum in Germany (but wasn’t sent back to Syria, as Germany’s policy does not allowed rejected applicants to return to war zones), and was slated to be deported to Bulgaria. The attack was the fourth in a string of violent attacks in Southern Germany in a week.

Police secure the area after an explosion in Ansbach, Germany, July 25, 2016. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle


Sly Stone to be Rewarded $5 Million in Damages Over 20 Years of Unpaid Royalties

70s funk icon and front man of Sly and the family Stone, Sly Stone has been awarded $5 million in damages over a suit concerning his former manager Gerald Goldstein, attorney Glenn Stone, and 20 years of unpaid/stolen royalties. Stone’s former execs apparently made him sign a number of convoluted and tainted contracts he couldn’t understand, allowing Goldstein and Glenn Stone to effectively steal money from Sly for 2 decades. The Los Angeles jury assessed Stone’s damages at just over $5 million between Even St Productions, Goldstein, and Glenn Stone. Sly Stone has been living in an RV and barely making ends meet for years due to the lack of income from his royalties. His former manager and attorney of course deny the charges and plan to appeal.


Sly Stone: 'I feel albino musicians could neutralise all the racial problems.’


-Taylor Wallace

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