Music News 7.28.16

SoundCloud is Looking to Sell, but No One’s Looking to Buy

The founders and investors at SoundCloud are looking towards their next venture, and are therefore looking to sell the popular streaming site. The price tag? $1 billion. The problem? No one’s biting. Apparently they’ve been trying to sell SoundCloud for sometime, and came very close in 2014 when Twitter showed serious interest, but instead decided to invest $70 million into their own platform. Despite adding a paid subscription service and improving some of its features for subscribers, SoundCloud has struggled to stay afloat the last few years. Having yet to turn a profit, the company remains heavily reliant on outside investors to keep the SoundCloud up in the air.



Smokey Robinson to Executive Produce a Netflix Kid’s Show Based on Motown Records

Smokey Robinson is executive producing a new children’s television show on Netflix inspired by the hits of Motown Records. The show will be set in the imaginary city of Motown, a town based on Detroit and its musical heritage, and feature an eighteen-year-old boy bent on bringing his street art to life. Show creator Josh Wakely is also the creative force behind the Netflix show Beat Bugs, and animated kid’s series featuring contemporary artists singing the songs of the Beatles with supporting “love yourself, others, and the world” story lines. The Motown Records show will also feature contemporary artists, this time covering artists like Marvin Gaye, the Jackson 5, the Supremes, and Stevie Wonder. The point of these shows is to connect young kids with songs their parents know and like, educate, and spark a conversation about music and inspire an early love for the classics.



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