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Warren Zevon’s Book Collection to Fund Brookview R&R

Late singer-songwriter Warren Zevon’s book collection that clocks in around 1,000 units of literature, is being parsed out and sold via eBay in an effort to fund a safe haven retreat started by Zevon’s late wife Crystal and their daughter Ariel. Many books in the collection are signed and include a personal note to Zevon.

The collection includes works from Graham Greene, Hunter S. Thompson, Stephen King, as well as nonfiction works on some Zevon’s favorite writers and composers including one on the life of Igor Stravinsky, whom Zevon met as a teenager. And as Zevon’s widow and daughter point out, many of the books also contain other items previously owned by the musician. Faxes from record companies, notes on random musings or to-do’s, receipts, and vacation itineraries are just some of the things leafed in Zevon’s books. Crystal says his collection doubled as a sort of filing system. One that Warren Zevon’s fans can now enjoy in a different personal way.

Brookview R&R, the safe haven started by Crystal and Ariel back in March, is intrinsically a retreat and meeting space for all kinds of niche groups in the community as well as, “a safe haven, a sanctuary place for people that are not necessarily fitting into our current system,” says Ariel Zevon, Warren’s daughter. The two have also donated several volumes from Warren’s collection to the community’s local library in West Barnet, Vermont.

This June 27, 2017 photo shows some of the books in the collection of Warren Zevon, in West Barnet, Vt. Zevon's book collection is for sale. Proceeds from the online sales of individual books and collections will support a community center in West Barnet. (AP Photo/Lisa Rathke)
(AP Photo/Lisa Rathke)

Fyre Festival Coordinator Faces Legal Brimstone

Billy MacFarland was arrested at his Manhattan home on Friday. You may know him better as the main organizer behind this year’s Fyre Festival, or as it turned out to be, tents-and-cheese-sandwiches-for-rich-folks-fest.

McFarland is being charged with wire fraud due to the belief and overwhelming evidence that he inflated his personal wealth and the festival’s revenue and resources. According to the complaint and sworn by Special Agent Brandon Racz of the F.B.I., McFarland’s plan and figures resulted in at least two investors giving $1.2 million to the festival.

This comes after and separately from the $100 million lawsuit filed against McFarland and festival co-organizer Ja Rule.


-Taylor Wallace

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