Music News 8.18.16

Live Nation Brings TSA Precheck Lines to Music Festivals

Live Nation is bringing everyone’s favorite part of the airport to music festivals across the nation: the TSA precheck security lines. The live music events company has 20 festivals and other events lined up for the near future to test and work out the process of the newly offered TSA precheck lines, but the process is fairly simple. Like at the airport, festival goers can sign –up for the service, pay an $85 fee to use the service an unlimited number of times for 5 years, provide proof of citizen and a photo ID, and partake in a roughly 10-minute screening process. What the festivalgoer gets, Live Nation reports, is expedited entry to the festivals and avoid any traditional in-person screening process. Live Nation debuted the TSA option at the Watershed country music festival on July 29th-31st.




Pizza Hut Delivers World’s First Turntable Pizza Box

Let’s be honest, aside from basically giving it away for free, the pizza-making industry is about out of original marketing ideas to gain a substantial uptick in revenue. But it seems Pizza Hut has stumbled upon something that has yet to be done: turning your pizza box into a set of DJ turntables. Pizza Hut’s box connects to your phone or laptop via Bluetooth and can be used in tandem with your favorite DJ app. You can control virtually everything you’d be able to on a traditional set of turntables, though no word on how grease-proof the inside of the box is. Now, before you get too excited, you should know that these boxes are only available in very limited numbers via about 5 Pizza Hut locations in the UK. You can check out a video of the Pizza Hut DJ Box in the full action below.

-Taylor Wallace

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