Music News 8.24.16

“Weird Al” To Star in New Show on Disney XD

The children’s television channel Disney XD is giving “Weird Al” Yankovic his own animated show, not only to star in, but also to premiere new music in. “Weird Al” voices the title character in Milo Murphy’s Law, while the rest of the cast features great voice acting talent from Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement, Rick and Morty’s Dan Harmon and former Scrubs co-star Sarah Chalke, Christian Slater, and Pamela Adlon, who, among her many great roles, is probably best known as having voiced Bobby Hill in the animated series King of the Hill. “Weird Al” has been expanding his career into TV for the last few years, succeeding Reggie Watts as bandleader on the recently cancelled Comedy Bang Bang and doing voice work on the Netflix animated series Bojack Horseman. Milo Murphy’s Law premieres on October 3rd. (Brooklyn Vegan)



Record Industry Titan Puts Ban on Exclusive Stream Releases

Record label giant Universal Music Group, which counts Def Jam, Decca, Capitol, and EMI among its many labels and brands, has announced an end to exclusive releases to streaming services such as Apple, TIDAL, and Spotify. Frank Ocean’s visual album Endless will be the last to participate in these popular and political exclusive releases (which tend to last about 2 weeks or longer), as the phenomenon of these releases has only led to intense, yet overall moot, competition between Apple Music and TIDAL. This decision should have a pretty significant impact on fan’s listening experience, and perhaps even their wallets as fans may no longer be compelled to pay for or entertain the thought of paying for both services, especially considering Universal Music Group’s place in the music industry, having released seven of the ten highest-selling records of 2015 and accounting for 38.5% of the year’s recorded-music sales. (The FADER)

Singer Frank Ocean performs on  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday

-Taylor Wallace

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