Music News 8.3.17

The Yelpers Have Spoken, and Austin Has the Best Venues

When it comes to small and midsize music venues around the country, the Yelpers have spoken, and Austin comes out on top. Yelp compiled a list of the top 50 small and midsize music venues around the U.S., and Austin not only totes the number 1 slot, but several in the top 50 list. Coming out at number 1 is East-Austin dive venue Skylark Lounge, praised in Yelp reviews for both its vibe and the pizza. Other local listening spaces on the list are the legendary Cactus Café coming in at 27, North Austin favorite The Little Longhorn Saloon, noted of course, for giving the Little Big City the gift of Chicken Shit Bingo, bookends the list with the Skylark at number 50, and Austin-adjacent venue, New Braunfel’s historic, 139-year-old Gruene Hall comes in at 38.


Kidd Creole Arrested Under Murder Charges

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five co-founder Nathaniel Glover, known better by his professional name Kidd Creole, was arrested yesterday on murder charges for allegedly stabbing a man to death in Manhattan on the night of July 31st. The victim is described as a 55-year-old homeless man and level 2 sex offender (that basically means acts involving minors and criminal activity, like prostitution), though his ID has not been revealed. At this point, what provoked the incident is unknown as is whether or not Kidd Creole knew about the victim’s sex offender status.

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