Music News 9.18.17

Beyonce Fans Get (Canadian) Punked

This month saw the long-anticipated vinyl release of Beyonce’s 2016 landmark album Lemonade. Instead of dropping the needle to hear some truth by Bey, some fans heard this instead……that’s Canadian punk band Zex, and as a representative for the group’s record label, Magic Bullet Records confirms, the entire A-side from their new album Uphill Battle was pressed onto the corresponding side of an unknown number of Lemonade albums.

The incident follows another mispressing where a full side of Queens of the Stone Age songs appeared on several pressings of the most recent Gordi album. For those confused and crestfallen Beyonce fans, the sweet satisfaction of the vinyl grooves of “Hold Up” and other side-A tracks will have to wait.



ASCAP Donates $25,000 to Hurricane Relief

The American Society of Composers, Artists, and Publishers, known better as ASCAP, announced over the weekend at $25,000 donation to the foundation MusiCares and its hurricane relief fund. MusiCares is a foundation run by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences that provides medical, financial, and personal services to musicians in need.

ASCAP has specifically donated to the organization’s campaign to help those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a number ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews believes is more than 75,000. She said in a statement, “As our longtime ally in supporting music creators, MusiCares has the experience, infrastructure, and resources to provide essential assistance to our members. We know our donation is in good hands.”


-Taylor Wallace

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