Uptown Crucial 45 – Seven Seas

Diego Artea

Seven Seas “Super JAWS!!”

Surf’s up! We’re heading down to sunny Florida for this week’s Crucial Soul 45 with Seven Seas’ and their proto-disco track “Super JAWS!!” While I am excited to talk about this one, those exclamation points are in the title.

Uptown Saturday Night

March 23rd, 2024

Released on Miami, Florida’s Glades label in 1975, the same year as the film that made you afraid to go into the water. Other than its title, and the fact that it was made in proximity to the ocean, “Super JAWS!!” has absolutely nothing to do with Spielberg’s block-busting masterpiece. There’s not even a “dunnnn DUNN, dunnnn DUNN…” to be found


Seven Seas’ “Super Jaws” Promotional Cover

Those facts do not preclude this from being a banger out on the floor. Why there was not an associated dance craze with this song is beyond me. I mean, it could’ve been like “The Swim” for the 70s. “DO THE SUPER JAWS!” they’d yell….but I digress. 

Seven Seas – Super JAWS!!

“Super JAWS!!” has enough grit (especially in the wah-wah’ing guitar) to still hang with the funk cats, but it’s also got a squeaky clean arrangement that must’ve gone down like white powders in the clubs and discotheques. So all in all, that makes it a pretty darn Florida track if you ask me.    


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