Erika Wennerstrom



There’s something somewhat frightening, yet utterly liberating when leaving the confines of a successful band to venture solo — especially a band whose latest record was called “effortlessly brilliant” by critics. But, such is the case with Erika Wennerstrom who is taking a break from her Austin-based rock band, Heartless Bastards, to deliver her solo debut, Sweet Unknown. “It was a really freeing experience,” reveals the singer/songwriter/guitarist. “I found my strength in my vulnerability as an artist, and really, just as a person. It kind of forced me to allow myself to be a little more exposed and stand on my own two feet. It’s easy to feel comfortable in a band, but it’s scary to do it as just yourself. I feel like I’ve grown a lot creatively and personally.” Fans can also rest assured that what they’ve grown to love about Wennerstrom’s music is still front-and-center. Her trademark vocals that NPR so aptly calls “warm yet gritty, throaty yet sweet, gigantic, yet intimate” are that… times 10. Erika Wennerstrom releases her debut solo album Sweet Unknown on Friday, March 23.



Wed. March 14 @ KUTX Live at Four Seasons SXSW Broadcast

Wed. March 14 @ Sweetwater Music Hall

Wed. March 14 @ Palm Door

Thu. March 15 @ Luck Reunion

Fri. March 16 @ South By San Jose

Sat. March 17 @ Plum Creek Soun Presents: From the Hills With Love