41 Years Young

Time flies when you’re having fun. And, in the case of Hole In the Wall, that’s putting it mildly! Established in 1974, the well-beloved local dive quickly became the place for new bands to try out their stuff, for more established bands to get the room jumping, and even famous (and oftentimes, infamous) musical artists to catch patrons by surprise with maybe a set or two. Or, crazed revelry. You get the picture. Those dark and dingy walls are full of history – impromptu jams, musicians connecting, legendary antics, and…people having a damn good time.

This year, Hole In the Wall turns 41. Once again, they’ve assembled another huge party with several awesome bands to celebrate, happening tomorrow night through Sunday. Just a handful of recommendations for you: Crooked Bangs tomorrow night; Christy Hays & Caliche, and Pocket FishRmen on Friday; Moonlight Towers (featured on today’s Austin Music Minute), and Octopus Rex on Saturday; Ben Ballinger, and The Lonesome Heroes on Sunday. These are but a few picks. Check the HITW website for more details.

Happy Birthday, Hole In the Wall. Here’s to several more years of greatness.

– Photo courtesy of Hole In the Wall.

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