Letting the Music Talk

I heard it from the man himself. Ethan Kennedy, front man, vocalist and primary songwriter of local band Kinky Machine, isn’t about to sit down and spew a novel’s-length description of how his music sounds. That’s ridiculous. In his own words, “I’m no good at explaining myself.” So, he simply presents you with the music. And well done to you and the band, sir.

Kinky Machine got its start back in the fall of 2001. They played their first show at Momo’s, with a rather enthusiastic response from the audience. It’s been a steady build-up since then, albeit at a slower pace, but well worth the  journey. Their debut EP Drag is what initially got my attention, a cross pollination of rock and soul but moved into another dimension. After some prodding by me, Kennedy graciously attempted to illustrate its style as something existing in a realm between post-modern garage rock and “alternative juju.” Perfect.

Thanks to Kennedy’s solid vision, this magnetizing juju is even more apparent on the band’s latest release, capital A. This time, they’ve tapped even further into rock/prog/soul combinations, having adventures with offbeat time signatures, chord progressions and experimental tuning. Totally fearless with unique shades coloring the entire soundscape.

Kinky Machine will perform tonight at one of their favorite spots, Frank, at 407 Colorado St. The bill includes local bands Once Per Axis and Holiday. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. This one comes highly recommended.


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