50 Years of Hole In the Wall

Hole In the Wall

It’s the 50th anniversary that almost wasn’t. But here we are. And the music won’t stop.

AMM June 11 2024

Hole In the Wall 50th anniversary shows, including Nick Tangborn’s 10th Annual Secret Handshake Party, tonight.

Maybe you’ve heard the legends. Some are true. Some…not sure if they’re necessarily not true, but maybe exaggerated. It doesn’t matter. Hole In the Wall has earned its status as an iconic Austin venue, thanks to fifty years of every manner of music artist playing within its hallowed grimy walls, from Texas greats to punk pioneers. Even today, the Hole remains a destination spot for a lot of visitors, and it remains an important starting point for up-and-coming artists.

There were at least a couple of times when it looked as though the Hole would close forever. Fortunately last year, the Hole received a $1.6 million Austin Economic Development Corporation grant (aptly named the Iconic Venue Fund), which helped add another twenty years on a renewed lease.

This year, the Hole celebrates its 50th anniversary with a ton of crazy good shows throughout June, including tonight’s soiree: Nick Tangborn’s 10th Annual Secret Handshake Party. Kudos to the badass line-up: Michael Therieau, Bever Nelson, John Doe (“Never Coming Back” is featured on today’s AMM), Hilary York, Folk Uke, Intercom Heights, and a band of hoodlums known as The Push and Shove, featuring vocalist/guitarist Sean O’Connor. Austin superstars. Doors at 6 p.m.

And check out Carys Anderson‘s feature about Hole In the Wall in the Austin Chronicle.

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