A Fine Night For A Freakout

And now, for something completely obvious: Everything is absurd. Surely you’re aware of life’s great folly. But Big Bill indulges in the artistry of turning that absurdity into exhilarating and cathartic musical experiences like Public Freakout Compilation, their second full-length LP released via Spaceflight Records.

Worry not about the future, and release the mundanity of existence with the jittery “Forget About Monday” – and simultaneously enjoy the visuals of the John Valley-directed video, with vocalist Eric Braden‘s brilliantly unnerving stare into your soul. “And the whole world hates my guts / But Sunday’s all right…” Speaking of unnerving, there’s always the metamorphosis of our “bucking bull” protagonist in “Almost Everybody,” directed by Shannon Wiedemeyer and featuring the work of make-up artist Bailey Dieckman. The festering demon beast within that won’t take your disingenuous bull crap is finally bursting out. “Can’t fake it / Can’t make it…”

Friends and fiends, it’s time for the band’s annual celebration of chaos, the Big Bill Big Ball, now in its fifth year and ready to dish out more freakouts. Get out of your shell and join the fam tonight, Saturday August 20, at Swan Dive on Red River. Doors at 8:30 p.m., with a ridiculously insane line-up on two stages: Sailor Poon, Calliope Musicals, Being Dead, Pussy Gillette, Chucky BLK and KHXNID (KAH-NID, apologies from the AMM for the mispronunciation).

Cinderella, this is your ball. Let loose and wreak havoc.

AMM Aug. 20 2022

Big Bill Big Ball 5, Saturday Aug. 20 at Swan Dive, with

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