The Austin Music Minute has high praises, indeed, for local quintet Carry Illinois. You may have heard the AMM raves over songwriter and vocalist Lizzy Lehman‘s multifaceted approach to her work: On one level, there is Lehman’s steadfast loyalty to folk music’s original roots, a longtime tradition of meaningful personal expression in defiance of society’s prejudices and injustices; on another level, the band fearlessly creates their own niche by adding an otherworldly quality to their sound from a slightly more experimental perspective, giving each track a unique sonic texture and an emotional intimacy that draws you in.

Carry Illinois made their official debut with their EP Siren, but it wasn’t long before Lehman got back into the studio for the soon-to-be released Alabaster. It’s a reflection of several styles Lehman holds dear in her musical tastes, including 60s and ‘70s folk rock, Motown soul, classic rock, and ’90s alternative artists. Each of these influences are a strong presence in all the melodic layers you hear in Carry Illinios’ rich sound.

The moment is just about here. Alabaster is due for an April 7th release, but Carry Illinois is celebrating early with a release show tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River. It’s the perfect bill for the party with The Deer and The Loblolly Boy performing. Doors open at 9 p.m. Recommended.

– Photography by Pooneh Ghana.

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