Anywhere We Want

Your Austin Music Minute maven always appreciates a good band story. Boy + Kite has one I’ve shared before. It reminded me that hot tubs can be the stuff of rock ‘n’ roll legends. (And you can use Eddie Murphy as a reference point.)

In this case, it marked the beginning of Boy + Kite. Songwriters Darvin Jones and Beth Puorro had sneaked into a spa just outside of Austin after hours one night. Their hot tub chats inspired a bevy of song ideas, which led to Jones and Puorro recording a three-song demo as a duo in November 2009. The following spring, they added bassist Giuseppe Ponti and drummer Chris Mietus, and the four began working on more tracks for their debut full-length release, Go Fly (2011). Now they have a new five-song EP, We Can Go Anywhere We Want, infectious and atmospheric pop-rock reminiscent of ‘90s bands that weren’t afraid to mix pop with experimental elements.

Boy + Kite is having their EP release show tonight at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St., with Jonas Wilson of The White White Lights‘ side project The Plastic Habit, and a local pop band making their debut, Slomo Drags, featuring members of Cartographers, The Couch, and BOY. Doors open at 8 p.m. Recommended.

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