In a word, it’s incredible, like delving into another sonic universe. Granted, same planet, but different data. But leave it to The Octopus Project to become immersed in the sounds…of mushrooms. (Okay, so technically, it would be the electrical fluctuations emerging from them.)

Over the past year, Yvonne Lambert and Josh Lambert have collected biodata from various fungi with a MIDI Biodata Sonification Device, turning that data into information that can be used to make music and control visuals. Check out Art Levy’s interview with The Octopus Project for all the wonderful mycological details, then make plans to join the band for a special mushroom biomusic performance and workshop. This extraordinary event starts at 7 p.m. (Central) tomorrow, Saturday May 1, benefitting the Central Texas Mycological Society. Your virtual ticket provides a link to the show.


AMM April 30 2021 || The Octopus Project biomusic online performance and workshop, Saturday May 1.

-Screenshot from a video by The Octopus Project.

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