Beauty School

One of the first bands that your humble Austin Music Minute host heard about, upon moving to the Live Music Capital in 2002, was The Crack Pipes. Fans were more than happy to direct me to their tunes and shows.

Bottom line: Badass band. Distinctive, raw and direct. The Crack Pipes were – and still are – a natural standout in the local scene, thanks in part to their genuine love of multiple genres across the board that make them so. It’s psychedelic garage soul with blues, punk and rock all rolled into one organic flow that revs you up.

Technically, the band did not break up. It’s been more of an extended hiatus, and some time has passed since they’ve recorded a new album. The good news is, there’s one set for release next year. And even more good news this week: The Crack Pipes celebrate the vinyl reissue of Beauty School – the first of their four albums ever to be released on vinyl. And they’re having their release party tonight at The Grackle, 1700 E. 6th St., with their friends/fellow badass bands The Diamond Center and Meet Your Death. It all goes down at 10 p.m.

Play and destroy, Crack Pipes. Here’s to many more years of awesomeness. Recommended.

-Photography by Daniel Cavazos.

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