Between Us

Forget a buildup. The explosion is immediate. And you’ll see colors blazing before your wide eyes that you didn’t even dream existed.

That’s one of a myriad of ways to describe the musical experience of Calliope Musicals. The Austin-based psych-pop outfit has a reputation for these jaw-droppingly high-energy extravaganzas that could have been dreamt up by Wayne Coyne, albeit on a slightly smaller scale – and from an entirely different dimension that’s reverberating with the subatomic particles of Nina Hagen. And none of it feels small, either. It’s a gigantic love, and the fierce and fabulous tower of power leading the charge is songwriter Carrie Fussell, fearlessly dancing and singing with every single fiber of her being until you are the one left breathless. The audience feels it.

Calliope Musicals’ new EP Between Us is set for release April 23 via Spaceflight Records. And you have the opportunity to hear the new music when the band performs on Bud’s Live and Direct, starting at 7 p.m. (Central) Friday, March 12, on Bud’s YouTube channel. Wave that freak flag high.

Between Us

AMM March 8 2021 || Calliope Musicals on Bud's Live and Direct, Fri. March 12

-Photography by Jackson Montgomery Schwartz.

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