But So Alive!

Okay, let’s skip the animatronics. It’s a love/hate relationship, actually. They can be really cool, but it…it sends your AMM host into a freaky mindset. Like, some crazy Five Nights scenario-type stuff. So if Falcon Bitch and Gumball from Being Dead actually did meet as animatronic mechs at Chuck E. Cheese, I have mental images of them reanimating the characters so that they find a way to leave the stage and start chatting up the kids while glaring at the adults, then they wander out of the building to the nearest grocery store to hang out by the entrance to people watch. Can you see it? Out at the Mueller HEB. Mr. Munch giving you the side eye while frickin’ Pasqually’s all, “Gettin’ some BBQ today or what?”

Oops. Went on a tangent. Sorry. Anyway, KUTX’s July Artist of the Month releases their new album When Horses Would Run today. And they celebrate with a big banger of a show tonight at the magnificent Sagebrush, 5500 S. Congress Ave. It’s a star-studded night with Big Bill, Borzoi and Redbud. The party gets started at 9 p.m.

But Chuck E. better not be working the door. Or Bonnie with that damn flying V. (shudder)

AMM July 14 2023

Being Dead at Sagebrush tonight, Friday July 14, with Big Bill, Borzoi, and Redbud.

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