‘Cause It Kicks Butt

It all began when a 14-year-old young man, one Thomas R. Gohring, starting learning about kung fu in 1986. At age 24, the tai chi and kung fu black sash wanted to open his own martial arts school on Airport Blvd. in 1996. Then, at age 35, the tai chi and kung fu master decided to get involved in “the coffee/cafe/bar/music business” in 2007. That…may have been a leap and a half for some people, but Gohring did it. And he continues to do a damn good job of it.

Alongside running the successful Master Gohring’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu studio, Gohring has turned Kick Butt Cafe into a badass hotspot of awesome live music shows. Punk, metal, really several different kinds of music running the gamut, all have made Kick Butt a standout in the local scene. And starting tonight, a four-day celebration of Kick Butt’s 10 years in the ATX will feature many of these bands who’ve graced the small stage and turned the room into an electrified live hive of moshing, headbanging and – all the things.

The party is now underway at Kick Butt, 5775 Airport Blvd., and tonight’s bill includes BloodshotSugar Pill, Pleasure Venom (featured on today’s AMM) and more. Tomorrow night’s show starts at 7 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday’s shows start at 2 p.m. 

Nonstop. And here’s to many more years of badassery. Recommended.

-Photo of Pleasure Venom by Victoria Renard.

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