Con Fuego y Pasión

Who: Their performances leave people breathless. Seriously. They were featured on The Late Show recently, and David Letterman spent a good deal of time with his jaw on the floor while Paul Schaffer did the non-stop raving. They’re electrifying acoustical artistes who remain unbound by musical genre. Presenting the incredible duo Rodrigo y Gabriela.

What: You need to experience this live. It’s as though their fingers are fueled by lightning on the guitar strings.

When: Tonight at 8 p.m.; doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Where: ACL Live at The Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.

Why: The renown guitar virtuosos unleash their rapid-fire style on their latest release, 9 Dead Alive. But your humble Austin Music Minute hostess cannot emphasize enough the magic of seeing this duo onstage. That kind of playing defies the laws of nature. This one’s so recommended it’s ridiculous.

– Photography by Tina Korhonen.

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