Creature Grooves

Songwriter and vocalist Kevin Collins came to Austin in 2011 from Frederick, MD with every intention to make music, but something sort of caught him off guard, in a good way. It was like a fever that wouldn’t quit, an obsession fueled by funk, soul, hip-hop and reggae that got Collins writing new songs at a frenzied pace. Being the versatile and multi-talented musician he is (with a voice to match), it came quite easily to him, and it didn’t take long to make the transition from solo gigs to putting a band together.

Kev Bev Collins & The Woodland Creatures, usually anywhere from seven to nine musicians strong, believe that dance music – any dance music – shouldn’t be inhibited, which is why the embrace leaping from genre to genre to get people on their feet. Make sure you see KBC and The WC perform tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, on the inside stage. Sharing the bill are rock trio The Electric Shout and pop/punk “queerfreakadelic” fiends Girls for Girls. Doors open at 9 p.m. This is where the wild things are. So recommended.

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