Croy at Bud’s

Tip o’ the hat to Corey Baum of Croy and the Boys for doing it no other way than keeping it real. Quite simply, he’s living the reality. An album like Howdy High Rise (released via Spaceflight Records) so accurately pinpoints how the very culture of Austin is being dissolved by exploitative, bourgeois elitism that no explanation is required. Baum ain’t shy about telling it like it is.

This week, the badass buds at Bud’s Live and Direct present Croy – a solo set by Baum, beginning at 6 p..m. (Central) this Friday, Jan. 29, on Bud’s YouTube channel.

Croy at Bud's

AMM January 25 2021 || Corey Baum on Bud's Live and Direct, this Friday Jan. 29th.

-Photography by Dave Creaney.

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