Fea at Hotel Vegas

Amid a few frustrations, the search for a permanent guitarist in their line-up has not slowed down San Antonio Chicana punk band Fea.

If you need an intro, plug into the raw energy of their second release, No Novelties, yet another gem of bilingual badassery recorded at Sonic Ranch. Classic punk sounds merge with complex arrangements to take it to the next level. And No Novelties is the band’s collective response to all the eyeroll-inducing times they’ve been undervalued, trivialized, glossed over…reduced to a damned stereotype. All the nonbelievers are kicked to the curb.

Fea returns to the ATX for a show tomorrow night, Tuesday Feb. 22, at Hotel Vegas. They share a bill with Austin band Prom Threat, and DJ sets by Jenny Hoyston (Hey Jellie). Doors open at 8 p.m.

AMM February 21 2022

San Antonio band Fea plays Hotel Vegas, Tuesday Feb. 22, with Prom Threat, and DJ set by Jenny Hoyston of Hey Jellie.

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