Different Kind of Bluegrass

Surely Starlings, TN has been told this numerous times, in one variation or another: The music is bluegrass…but it really isn’t.

The Austin-based quartet happily relishes the fact that it’s not traditional bluegrass that they create. They proudly proclaim themselves as renegades belting out “psychedelic bluegrass,” nowhere near anything your grandparents might’ve known back in the day. Instead, it’s a bizarre and beautiful meeting between basic roots elements and a collaboration of a number of styles that these gents probably grew up listening to, everything from pop to punk. The straight and narrow is not for these forward folksters. They push bluegrass outside any boundaries and set the damn thing on fire.

Starlings, TN just released their brand-spankin’ new album, All the Good Times, and they’re celebrating in style with a release show at The Rattle Inn, 610 Nueces St. And what a lovely bill it is, featuring songwriters Carson Mchone and Joanna Barbera performing. The music begins at 10 p.m. Recommended.

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