Dream Glow On Your Side

The most I could decipher from the mystery that is Slow Magic – it struck me as mysterious, in some ways – was that it was a one-man show, a single performer with synth and a drum, concealed behind a psychedelically-colored fox mask. It struck me as shamanistic, ritualistic, just imagining those moments when Slow Magic steps down from the stage into the already mesmerized audience to continue the beats.

The Austin Music Minute wholeheartedly abides by a number one rule: It’s better not to become too immersed with specific musical genres. Using too many to describe a music artist tends to be narrowing. However, in Slow Magic’s case, the “glo-fi” description seems to compliment the style: A glowing, luminescent ebb and flow of sound-and-dance beats, melding into a misty, otherworldly dream-pop effervescence.

True, not much is known about the mind behind Slow Magic’s manifestation, except, at the very least, a rather cryptic one-sentence semi-bio explaining that Slow Magic is, “Music by your imaginary friend.” Well step aside, Drop Dead Fred. Slow Magic lures the head-bobbing crowds into the folds of quite fluid, continuous, mesmerizing soundscapes.

Don’t miss Slow Magic perform tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, on the inside stage. Starting out the evening is Austin-based electronic-experimental trip-hoppers Corduroi. Doors open at 9 p.m. Recommended.

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