El Fuego De Brown Sabbath

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for Brownout to be this outfit reigning supreme in the realm of phenomenal music and live performances. Oh heavens, no. They went ahead and leapt head first into a musical challenge where a delicate balance must be achieved with talent, style and finesse: Covering other bands’ songs. And not just any bands; we’re talking the upper echelons of musical institutions, for crying out loud – Brownout performing Public Enemy (Fear of A Brown Planet), and Brownout as Brown Sabbath, the latter of which you’ll experience tonight at the Mohawk.

And, as is the case with …Brown Planet, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, both releases I and II, are not merely covers or impersonations. These are powerful re-imaginings of Black Sabbath tracks done with so much love and attention to detail that it reanimates each song with a new Latin/funk life force. Translation: Versions equally badass with their original counterparts. Turn it up.

Brown Sabbath owns the room at a big Dia De Los Muertos show tonight at the Mohawk on the outside stage, sharing the bill with Henry + The Invisibles, and the badass DJ’s of Chulita Vinyl Club. Things get started at 7 p.m. Very recommended.

-Image courtesy of the artist.

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