Everything’s Coming Up Chepo

Who:  Chances are very good that if you’ve been a part of, or been a supporter of, or been interested in, the underground music scene circa early/mid-’90s, you know who Chepo Peña is. He rocks. Your Austin Music Minute cannot brag enough about his fantastic artwork (Full disclosure: He does artwork and web design for another project I’m involved in, The Good Music Club, and we’re damn lucky to have him); he’s played bass with so many punk/indie/you-name-it bands that it’s easy to lose count, not to mention one of the best karaoke experiences ever, Karaoke Apocalypse; and…this is the person to turn to whenever you need to know anything about Star Wars and Star Trek. Your AMM hostess knows this first hand.

What: This past March, Peña was diagnosed with cancer. As is so often the case with many of the best working musicians and freelance artists, cancer treatment expenses pile up, even with insurance. So, to help him cover the medical costs, Peña’s friends and bandmates have organized several benefit performances and events to raise money, and there’s another one coming up this evening – CHEPO-RAMA, one meteoric punk rock extravaganza!

When and where: 8 p.m. tonight at the Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe – or, as some may put it, “A night at the Mos Eisley Cantina.” Peña’s played with quite a few of the bands on the bill. Some of these bands haven’t even performed in years, so it’s a huge deal – Sincola, The Inhalants, Powder Snatch, The Wannabees, Fivehead, The Peenbeets, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers (featured on today’s AMM), The Shindigs, The John-Pauls, The Mavis Beacons, and kicking off the night is a blast of twangy country awesomeness by Gladys & Laura.

Why: Why? Because Chepo rules. And cancer sucks. Enjoy the music and the memories. Chepo, may the Force be with you.

– Photography by Todd V. Wolfson.

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