Fang Hang Time

The best adventure time for your Austin Music Minute host is when an artist or band embraces sounds all over the genre spectrum. That’s one way your ears are drawn more toward the awesomeness of Austin-based outfit Ladyfang. Rock ‘n’ roll is at the root of their style, but there are more layers to drink in – folk, alt., pop, funk, multi-colored tones…the fierce “chaos pop-rock” they were talking about. Turn it up.

A little bird (okay, Instagram) told your AMM host that Ladyfang drummer Rodney Joseph is having a birthday today, and in honor of the occasion, the band’s doing something special to celebrate. Catch Ladyfang’s livestream performance, presented by Safehouse, starting at 9 p.m. (Central) tonight, Thursday August 20, on the Safehouse YouTube channel. Proceeds raised from the show benefit the DAWA Fund. And a very happy birthday, Rod.

Fang Hang Time

AMM August 20 2020 || Ladyfang livestream supporting DAWA Fund

-Photography by Jackson Schwartz.

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