Far Out Saturday Night

This is where it’s at. The buzz is out for another must-see line-up at The Far Out Lounge in South Austin. Your Saturday night was made for sets like these:

-Music. Modeling, Painting. Design. This is what one would describe as a bona fide Renaissance man – but extra. Detroit-born/Austin-based hip-hop renegade Mike Melinoe is on the bill.

-Not confined by any linear definitions of hip-hop or R&B, Austin artist TEDDYTHELEGACY instinctively feels his way through his creative process to convey the inner and outermost turmoil.

-Austin songwriter and hip-hop artist formerly-known-as Anya, Anastasia imparts rhythm to the message, a candid sensuality to her craft. And quit attaching “female” to the title. This is, quite simply, a badass artist.

The show kicks off at 9 p.m. Central tonight, Saturday October 10, at The Far Out Lounge & Stage, 8504 S. Congress Ave. For your safety, social distancing is in practice. Limited entry, table seating, and masks are required.

Far Out Saturday Night

AMM October 10 2020 || Mike Melinoe, TEDDYTHELEGACY, Anastasia at The Far Out Lounge

-Photo of Mike Melinoe courtesy of the artist.

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