Farewell But Not Forever

When one hears of their favorite band or artist taking an “indefinite hiatus,” the immediate reaction from fans may be one of heartbreak. Disappointment, maybe. But give some thought to the musicians simply moving on to the next chapter of their creative evolution.

The AMM recommends a great interview that writer Patrick St. Michel did with Kikagaku Moyo last month for Bandcamp, offering insight into the Japanese psych lords’ consensus to move on. The band has a decade’s worth of learning instruments, exploring ideas, world travels, incredible festival gigs like Levitation, and badass musical experiences under their belt. Their departure is simply the next step toward a new journey.

Their feelings about it are spot on. “So many American bands are like, ‘Grow! Grow! Next! Just keep going, never stop and never end,” says guitarist Tomo Katsurada. “I find that so capitalistic. Why can’t you guys just end and do new stuff?”

“We’ve felt like, yeah, we already did one thing,” adds drummer Go Kurosawa, “It’s natural for us to think, ‘OK, when we do this, let’s do something different.'”

Kikagaku Moyo’s final Austin show will be presented by Levitation this Saturday night, Saturday September 17, at The Far Out Lounge and Stage, with a line-up that includes Holy Wave, Cazayoux, Nolan Potter, Zero Percent APR, and Andrea Cortez. Doors at 5 p.m.

*As of this writing, Kikagaku Moyo’s show is now sold out.

AMM Sept. 15 2022

Kikagaku Moyo’s final Austin show, Saturday Sept. 17th at The Far Out Lounge and Stage.

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