If you’re overdue for a good face-melt, the AMM humbly recommends this show tonight, Friday Nov. 5, invading the Mohawk, 912 Red River. The following three bands of hoodlums are loud, proud, and in yer face:

  • Word on the street (specifically one named Kevin Curtin – who isn’t a street, but a writer for the Chronicle) is that A Giant Dog may be plotting the planet’s Frank Frazetta warrior-inspired delirium with a forthcoming album, possibly due for release in a few months – or, was it a couple of years? Depends on who you’re talking to in the band. But a sneak peek of some of the new music at a private gig back in May delivered over-the-top Andrew Cashen shreds and ginormous Sabrina Ellis vocals worthy of reactions precipitated by “The Last In Line.” Does this mean more previews for tonight?? You’ll just have to be at the Mohawk to find out…
  • Go Fever took a swing with that mighty Velvet Fist and produced an absolute knockout, a nine-track flurry of rock-pop/part new wave/a-few-bits dance punk melodies that’s over much too soon. Cheers to the KUTX September 2021 Artist of the Month, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, songwriter/vocalist Acey Monaro is badass – as is the entire damned band.
  • It’s The Worst – that is to say, Dregs at its best and most intense on their 9-track barrage of garage/post-punk fury. Consider tonight’s show opener a much-needed jump start for your eardrums and energy levels. A heaping dose of fuzz is great with your punk.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Mind your heart rate.

AMM November 5 2021

A Giant Dog, Go Fever and Dregs at the Mohawk

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