All Real, All the Time

Look, I’m more than certain you’ve heard yours truly, your friendly neighborhood Austin Music Minute maven, rant about this before, but I’m not shy about it because it’s the truth. If you want to hear real country music, the music from an earlier era shaped by great artists who learned from artists before them, then you listen to the people keeping those traditions alive today – and not of the variety one might find on…certain cable television networks that use the term “country” loosely.

That being said, today’s AMM continues to sing the praises of Dale Watson. The white-pompadoured Texas troubadour is the living embodiment of keeping it real. There’s no bull about it – Watson plays genuine roots music that would do Hank proud. And Watson is proud to spread the word about keeping it real with the Ameripolitan Music Awards (Ameripolitan Music LLC), named after the term he coined to describe American roots music. The awards recognize artists whose work honors roots traditions without conforming to the current watered-down definitions of “country” music.

I stand with Dale. You can see him tonight at The Continental Club, 1315 S. Congress Ave., at 10 p.m. It’ll do your Monday night right. So recommended. Raise your beer and tell him I said hello.

– Photo courtesy of the artist. 

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