First Love

Austin-based songwriter and vocalist Micah Motenko knew it immediately at the ripe old age 7. It was instant love. The Motown sound struck a chord (several chords) within him in ways that still influence him today. And years later, as a musician himself, Motenko gathered a few like minds to keep that resonance vibing with his band Motenko.

The quartet recently released a new self-titled EP, which instantly gives you a sense of that mad love they have for the classic piano-driven R&B, boogie, funk and soul inspiring their own sound. Or, as Motenko’s front man once described it, through the lens of he and his bandmates’ day jobs as session musicians: “…the stuff we listen to between gigs—like the music we all first fell in love with and made us want to play in the first place.”

Catch Motenko in a special afternoon performance on Bud’s Live and Direct, starting at 4 p.m. (Central) Friday, October 16, on Bud’s YouTube channel.

First Love

AMM October 13 2020 || Motenko on Bud's Live and Direct on Friday

-Photo courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR.

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