Flora and Fawna at Hotel Vegas

Hearing music by an Austin artist or band on a nationwide TV show never gets old. Ever. Earlier this year, KUTX Artist of the Month alumnus Flora and Fawna had “Slow Burn,” the mega-chill/ultra-cool opener from their 2019 self-titled debut, on a recent episode of The CW series Batwoman.

Catch official SXSW artists Flora and Fawna at their show tomorrow night, Tuesday March 8, at Hotel Vegas on E. 6th. NOLA-based artist LeTrainiump and San Marcos synth artist Tombus are on the bill, with the music kicking off at 9 p.m. All of the YES. And a behind-the-scenes detail: Flora and Fawna played on a bill with LeTrainiump just before the pandemic started. Full circle, baby.

AMM March 7 2022

Flora and Fawna at Hotel Vegas, Tuesday March 8, with LeTrainiump and Tombus.

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