Forever More

It’s striking the way Waco, TX-based art rock band Lomelda delicately captures such emotional depth in their latest release, Forever. On paper, it would seem contradictory; there is a sweet simplicity to its air, yet its complexities are integral to the framework. The intricate details are woven together with great care, every pattern within the fabric drawing you closer to absorb the memories that unfold.

However, if you thought there couldn’t possibly be anything more to reveal in these songs, think again. Vocalist Hannah Read recorded a breathtaking acoustic version, 4E, which has a distinctive beauty all its own. To celebrate, Punctum Records is presenting a special acoustic performance by Read tonight at Studium, 2108 Rosewood Ave. in East Austin. Doors open at 7 p.m. Recommended.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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